Tamil cinema is going through a rough phase for the last one month. The face-off between the Tamil Film Producers Council and Digital Service Providers (DSP) has left the industry crippled.

However, it seems like the strike is ending in a couple of days. The Tamil Film Producers Council is bringing in a Digital Service Provider who is ready to accept their demands

No new Tamil film has been released in the state in the last one month. In addition to that, the shooting and post-production work on all the films have been put on hold.

The Tamil Film Producers Council is fighting with Digital Service Providers to bring down the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) that is levied on every movie.

Though the DSPs brought down the fees by a certain percentage, the council demanded further reduction of prices.

The council also placed other demands in front of the DSPs, including a complete scrapping of the VPF in a few years.

Now, a DSP called Aerox Digital Cinema, which is based in Tamil Nadu, has agreed to bring down their price by 50 per cent. The DSP has reportedly signed a deal with the Producers Council.

Industry sources say that if everything goes well, the strike will be called off pretty soon. However, so far Aerox has not collaborated with any theatres. No one knows for sure when Aerox will start functioning.

Many small and big-budget films are on hold due to the ongoing strike in Kollywood. Films like Kaala, Karu, and Tik Tik Tik are yet to see the light of day.

In addition to that, the workers associated with the Tamil film industry have been hit because of the cancellation of the shoots.

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